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sleepy eyes and determination
I am hungry. AND up.
Thought i'd jot down a few.........notes.

Every December or so...around the end of the year,
like most people I try to imagine what the new year will hold.
I try to plan out all my biggest moves, mostly ideas that usually never
make it out of my brain.Bleh. So this year i won't. I hate plans, really.
They never work out. Things NEVER come out the way people
want or plan or intend or whatever word you wanna use there.
So I won't. I will let you just watch me. Watch me do whatever
I end up doing. I am a photo fanatic, so you will probably
see everything i'm doing. Well...maybe not everything but a bulk
of it. I use to think you had to have a plan for everything,
but now I am kinda just a freebird. Doing whatever I feel like,
doing whatever scandalous thing i can whip up. That's always been
me though, living for the moment. Can be bad....but i try to make
the most of it.
I was in the shower the other night and i was washing my feet.
Right when i smelt the great smelling of the oatmeal bodywash
and all the suds cleaning me so thought was...
how much I so love taking a shower. I know ME?! like showers?!
No but really...i thought of like the people in Kenya with their
whole water drought thing going on. (which i think it's finally rained there tho)
But gah my heart so swelled with
I get to shower in clean water, hot or cold, whichever I prefer.
I get to be clean. I get to wear shoes.
I get to eat, whenever i want, whatever I want.
I don't know...lately i've been so thankful for what i have
not even realizing that haha i don't have much.
I don't care. I don't care about nice things,
does that mean i wish i don't have nice things?
No, but something i've come to known is LIFE is not fair.
Why can some rich people be buying their dog jewelry
when someone is not even eating?
Ok...i will not get carried away.
POINT: Be thankful for EVERYTHING.
Another note:
Sick people have my whole heart. WHOLE heart.
Well....mostly children who have cancer.
I don't know why. I can't figure it out.
I want a job where i can be close to them.
I will have a job where i can be close.
I am determined dammit.

Aaand another note:
I have discovered that i have mixed
emotions on feminism.
In my opinion though it's just a bunch of
bored women that want to too wear the "pants" in
the relationship, but only one could in
every relationship.
I think alot has to do with their pride,
but whatever i don't even feel like
talking about it, maybe another time..
I mean whatever, I'm pretty positive
that it has some good points but usually
it's ridiculous.

One more note:
as time gets closer and with more
people asking me about the "big move"
as they call it........ s***less.

Until next time.


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