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Weak minded?
So I've made it here. Without....or I'd rather say.....on my own.
I like this place, I think I'll grow to love it. I just haven't yet.
I have to say it's much different than I thought.
Then again though, my thoughts are crazy.
I can feel it now. Something, something good
surfacing. Or waiting on my cue to surface.
Something good, comes after all this?
I feel it. Feel it right in here. (points to heart)
I'm ready to become what I need to be for this world.
Do you understand me? No, of course you don't.
Well I won't explain, I'll just show you okay?
I never knew what work was until now.
Really, it's kind of pathetic actually.
I have so much to see, learn, and grasp.
I'm getting there.
I'm old. I hardly think you understand that.
This birthday will be unlike any other I think.
Away from family, people i know and love.
It's not that big of a deal, is it?
Nah. I can take one birthday being by myself.
I won't die. I don't think.
How can you stand it?
The feeling of regret that lingers in the back
of your mind that you ignore.
I don't think it comes up often to you,
unless your reminded by my face.
That place is all I've known.
Thanks to you,
I'm out. Alive. Well. Full.


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