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It was nice knowing you.

Who are you?
And what have they done?
What have you done?
How did you get this way?
It is my fault?
No, it isn't. You've made your choices,
and this is what you are. 
You are, the decisions that you've made.
I've tried not to care, but it isn't in me.
It isn't because I want to be there.
It's because you've let yourself become
what you swore you wouldn't.
Just another player in their game.
Just another guy in it to win it. 
You'll disagree but how can you explain
what you've done without sounding like
a dirtbag? You can't.
This isn't about me. It's about you.
It's about how you can't keep your head
above the water anymore, no matter
how hard you try. But why?
You never really could.
And i'll never understand it. Your capable
but just not able. It's not that i care too much.
It's just that you don't care enough.


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