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And she greets the day with...........ANNOYED.
Well JV, It has come to this.......My God, help me.
I have to get through, thru a blog, how pathetic and low.......
However, I will willingly give you my number for crying out loud next time
you wanna talk trash to me but don't ever talk at me again.

To all snoopers, all sneaks, all lurkers, all ex-girlfriends and yes, even you
''mutual'' friends IN the World Wide Web:

Since people claim to know my story, know what I, Denise N. Rocha am about,
I will simply give everyone the privilege of going into my head a little, reading my real thoughts a little,
reading my story and show A person how much of an asshole that they are.

As you know I have been single for about 2 years,but once upon a time when I was just a kid
of a teen, I had a boyfriend that I was repeatedly on and off again with. Yes me, "bitter" ol' me,
had a dude. Anyways, I broke up with him for the simple fact that we were in different cities and
we just couldn't hold on to it anymore. Blah, blah blah...I forget, everyone already knows this story.
Well he hastily got into other relationships searching for his new rebound. Fortunately for all of us,
ahhh he picked up a special one. One who was so pretty.........with her mouth shut, rude and always in a
bad mood every time she'd come around. I recall this one time genuinely serving her Nachos and her
only opening up her mouth just to eat them and with no manners just walked away.......denied.
Offering her my chair when there was no chairs available.....denied.
Offering her hot cocoa, in which she denied....but later was drinking her neighbors?
Arguing with her dude in the middle of Peter Piper Pizza because she accused him of looking at me?
Trying to strike up a conversation by the pool side and her not even giving me no direct eye contact and only
answering a strict yes or no?
You know I really really don't like mean people....and I mean does this not have 'mean' all over it? I really did try
from the bottom of my heart to be the best I could be, but only to become known as the jealous ex-gf,
soooo, how did I become the bad guy again? Because I am the ex-girlfriend. People talked left and right how
I called her names and said that I made comments on how she looked. Well let's see, I can also recall that I
(Denise) actually said that she was really "beautiful" in an email RESPONSE i got from her boyfriend at the time. And
that I was "truly happy" for them. But, nope, I guess they forgot to mention that one. Of course, the first time
seeing their picture was a little heart wrenching but I knew it had to come one day. Naturally, the first time i
actually saw them together was a bit different. It stung me just a little more than the picture but I was in no
way jealous of this new girl he had brought around because if I knew him well enough, he wouldn't
really just be with anyone. Again though, seeing someone i onced loved with someone else so fast led
me to write how i felt in which are O-L-D by the way..... haha, oh and in which I RECALL(haha i recall alot huh)
that she did the exact thing when he moved on to his yet again younger girlfriend. Geesh, it's funny though huh how
the cycle all this commotion would stir for a guy, but I am in no way defending him.
I am defending only myself because people think that they KNOW ME,think they know what came out of
MY mouth but NEVER ever bothered to try and talk it out with me, but just opened up their mouth only
to have TRASH TRASH TRASH come out and I didn't ever speak so ugly about them. Gah. Well,it sucks
but we all move along. OH and I actually really HATE competition. The people who really know me
and just don't go off of what people tell them will know that. That's why I can't really play sports haha cause
I never play to win........I play to only have fun.
So here. You there. It will be a waste of my brain waves to think about you, let alone bring you up
in a conversation, okay. Seriously, I have other things to worry about and do than talk about you. What will I get out of it?
Damn, I was even defending you just last week against them, but nope it is plain and simple that you my dear are
the world's biggest, ugliest(on the inside) JERK. Take this all as you will but I am terribly annoyed by
you and you being a liar,and trying to blast me like you know me. So please do
us all a favor and PLEASE please please stop talking and get on with your life and stop worrying
about us two D's and what we do and sharing our story....because it's not yours to tell.
But just to let you know............everything is very fine and dandy.

Thanks for your prayers!

If you can't shutup and want to have the last word at least write TO me


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