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OooOoh Lala.

Oooh Love.
The thing that can make you or break you.
The feeling that makes you feel on the top of
the world or the thing that
can make you want to die.
I've never really liked Valentines Day,
I just felt that it was kind of ridiculous to have only
ONE day to show someone you love them.
It really should be everyday.
So I've decided that when i have another love, we will
make new traditions.

I used to love someone.
(Oh boy, here she goes)
Haha, calm down, I wasn't going to tell a story.
I was going to simply just say that I am not
as bitter as I was towards love,
because i know it is real. And i have
not given up because I love the  change it brings.
Bettering and helping you see things that you didn't
before when you are just one.
That's how i know it is real, because i have felt that.

So no more bitterness, no more hate, no more regrets.
I know what (it) is and I'm ready when you are,



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