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Greetings From The Notepad In My Brain :]

Even though I know what I want to do with my life, I still ask myself
restlessly everyday,"WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?" Haha I know that
I know teaching and being with all sorts of different kids is what I
should do. Traveling, capturing time's heart with the photos I'll take,
to look back and love what I do. Preaching to many, loving many,
seeing many & just doing many, many things.  Marrying someone, 
having babies with that one, & still.....doing what I love to do. Money...
well that has always been an issue with my family, more never seems to be enough.
So as you watch me go through college still suffering from lack of
dough, even after college and after all my hard work money isn't
important to me.I think because we never really had money, it's
made me appreciate the things I do have? Making me realize what
I need and don't need and I recall and I know that I CAN even live
in a cardboard box, house made of sticks, a hut  and just be content
with not too much or not too little with my family, with my one, with
my babies, with my job I worked hard for, with my faith and....I'd so
be alright. I guess it seems like I have this all figured out...but
i really don't. I don't really like plans, things never really go the
way you want them to and I love that about life. Be spontaneous.
Be you. I don't even know what this is all about...This was all pointless
to anyone haha but ehh you got this far...might as well keep going on:)
Another note: 
I can't believe I'm really seriously permanently moving to Oklahoma.
Haha well i think that'll be news to everyone really, but i just found out
myself. I'm staying there....the occasional visits now and again here
but not to stay. I'm a big girl. Well....a lady if i may say so. Not quite a
woman. Anyways so I'll be leaving in the beginning of January and
haha for real thins time folks. Ahh, geez I have so many people I love
here in Texas you know...So many people that I can look at and their
face just busts my heartstrings. But hoping them the best and moving
forward you's the we say. My family is been really impeccable
with all this. We're doing a fundraiser to help me pay for residence haha
and I'll be set so help me out k guys. My life is If I should say....almost like
a really boring movie? The only reason why you keep watching it is cause
you really like the main star in film haha :) ok bad analogy. whatever. back
on the road  I was on before.......Leaving should be great. I'm ready for new,
I guess. I'll really miss my friends though. Haha cause they're 
all I've had for like 7 years haha....:/  well I guess I should wrap this up. I don't
think we'd really call this like a reflection deal but more of Greetings from
the notepad in my brain? Okay whatever it's late.
Thanks for reading all were probably like 1 in the 2 that did. For that,
I heart YOU random person. 

Your Main Star,
Denise N. Rocha


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